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Luz Castro

Luz Castro is a Fashion Design Graduate at University for the Creative Arts in 2010. She has since worked in the fashion industry in a variety of roles from Design Pattern Room Coordinator to Fashion Designer. Working inside the industry she quickly became aware of its flaws and how these clash with her own values and ideas of what fashion really means. That’s when the idea of creating FCTW came to her mind as a medium to educate and engage consumers with a more sustainable and fair fashion. Editor in Chief, Sustainability advocate, Fashion Designer.

simona campli

Simona Campli a background in strategic communication, innovation and creative dynamics, Simona spent four years studying traditional sewing craftsmanship, and working as Assistant Designer. She became aware of sustainable issues when she founded her own brand, Vera, focusing her design work on versatility and the use of regained, vintage or clearance fabrics. Finding a bridge to connect her communication skills to sustainability and ethical issues in fashion, her work is now focused on strategic consultancy for creative individuals and team, NPO or NGOs. She aims to communicate the sustainable fashion revolution in a powerful and effective way: narrating inspiring responsible stories and presenting brand profiles.




zoe Wallbank

Zoe Wallbank is our social media bee, currently studying media and communication, a lifestyle and music writer freelancer. Passionate about changing the way we treat the environment and making a better world for everyone starting with
how we see fashion.

Jessica Joy

Jessica Joy is a fashion tutor and stylist with a wide range of experiences and skills across the fashion industry. She has worked professionally in the fields of Fashion Styling, Womenswear Design, Print Design and Visual Merchandising. Having spent the last few years working in academia Jessica communicates her passion for sustainable design to fashion students, aiming to challenge and expand the future of the industry. She is also currently completing a MA in Fashion at Kingston University.

Hope McGee

Hope McGee is a recent graduate and an avid adventurer. As our social media helper she can be found in any corner of the world as long as they have a good internet connection. She loves all things art and design but fashion and styling have always been her main passions; whether this has involved blogging, sewing ball gowns and T-shirts, trawling through used clothes as charity shop volunteer, sourcing fabric from abroad or ambitiously trying to transport half her crazy wardrobe and too many shoes on all of her travels. On the other hand, Hope does not love waste and has been an avid charity fundraiser and sustainability advocate for most of her life, she is here hoping to connect her two passions though a new vision for consumers.

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Casual contributors

Jessica Salmon_Jess and the argonauts

Jessica Salmon is a very talented Photographer and textile artist graduated in contemporary textile products, she has always been interested in ethical issues and is a sustainable Fashion advocate.  When not doing any of these things Jess likes to spend time playing the ukuleleunder the moonlight…



Rosie Niblock is a freelance graphic designer & social media campaign advisor, passionate about ethical and sustainable fashion. She is interested in tackling key issues and she is advocate for a fair change in the industry. At FCTW Rosie supports our Social Media Team and writes about style.