Books to help inspire you to set up your own sustainable fashion business

So you’re thinking of setting up your own fashion business? Of course you want it to be a sustainable ethical venture but you just don’t know where to start? Worry not, we are here with all the reading material you need to get your business up and running. We’ve compiled a list of sustainable focused books to teach you the tricks of the trade you can incorporate in to your start up and leave you feeling inspired.

An academic and comprehensive look at ways to be sustainable within the fashion supply chain. The book is separated in to 3 categories: “Reviews and Discussions,” “Analytical Research,” and “Empirical Research,” for a thorough look in to the industry. A compilation of research sourced world wide so you can get a global look at the fashion industry and gain insight of how you could manage a sustainable supply chain.
Coming straight from the brains of the woman behind ethical brand People Tree, Slow Fashion is aimed for anyone and everyone interested in sustainable fashion. The book features projects and anecdotes from innovative names such as Livia Firth & Sandra Rhodes. A must read for anyone looking to lean more about ethical fashion and how they can be a part of the change.
 Okay so not strictly fashion related – but stay with us here. This read illustrates the many issues in todays working world and how Virgin combats these challenges. “Doing good is good for business” is the mantra Richard seems to live by and clearly it works. Ego and self-promotion aside, this book holds many inspiring stories and rules to work by if you want to do good for the world and for your business.
Again, another business focused book but Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize – need we say more? ‘Building Social Business’ is an analytical and well researched guide of his own ethical branch of capitalism. Yunus lays out his steps and values to fulfil human needs through your own business. An inspiring read for any entrepreneur!
From the man behind TOMS, the company that for every pair of shoes bought gives a pair to someone in need. This book is inspiring, motivating and most importantly; simple to read. An informal take on how Mycoskie started his business and simultaneously involved charity,  a topic not generally covered by multi-million companies. An easy read for anyone looking to start their own socially conscious company.

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