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After attending Greenshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin, we at FCTW have returned to London feeling uplifted and re-energized. Back to work with bags of inspiration and a wish to do even more to help give visibility to fashion brands with ecological and ethical principles at the core of their business models. 

 Some of you may now be thinking, “With so many things to improve in this world, why should we waste our time focusing on the fashion industry?” But did you know that the fashion and textiles industry is the second most pollutant industry in the world? That’s without mentioning the links to modern slavery and child labour, so placing our focus here will help to bring change to society as a whole.

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Nevertheless fashion revolution is afoot and things are slowly but steadily changing. What started as a small movement is now becoming mainstream with corporations such as H&M, Asos and M&S embracing these values and bringing that in to their campaigns. Whilst some may argue that this is no more than a sneaky marketing strategy, these bigger brands leading the way will influence other companies to follow suit. This could also bring people´s attention to the sustainability issues in the fashion industry and widen the awareness of consumers.


While attending this event we were not only impressed with the design and great quality of clothes and accessories, but also with the message behind them, which enhanced their qualities and value. It was exciting to talk to designers and creative directors who spoke passionately about how important it was for them to send a positive message to the world with each collection, and the impact that their brands had on peoples lives by supporting communities around the world such as ETHNOTEK whose tagline is “Keeping culture alive one bag at the time”.

This brand celebrates diversity by creating high quality travel bags and accessories that feature ethically sourced handmade textiles. This global social enterprise supports and helps in sustaining employment many artisan villages in 4 continents. 


The result is beautifully made bags created with intricate details, every feature is well thought out for the wearer to handle just about any adventure from daily urban commute to camping or cross- continental journey in an easy and practical way. 


Each bag comes with a interchangeable front panel, which is called “Thread TM” and can either be made from Indonesian batik fabric, Vietnam hand embroidered fabric, Ghanaian wax printed textiles, Indian and Guatemalan fabrics, all of which are hand made.

Another fashion brand helping small communities keeping their culture alive is Tamay and Me.  After spending some months with the Red Dzao, a Vietnamese tribe, Hannah (the founder and the ‘Me’ in Tamay and Me) fell in love with the tribes humble and harmonious lifestyle and learned their traditional embroidery technique taught to her by Tamay.

© Naomi Wood | www.naomi-wood.comThe Tamay and Me collection was then born consisting of unisex jackets made with homegrown cloth without pesticides, in the village of Tan Uyen and reclaimed hand embroidery and plaited silk braiding .

tamay and me

This label is helping women to earn a sustainable living and to maintain their textile heritage, supporting a team of cotton growers, spinners and weavers, indigo dyers, embroiderers, silk-braiders and seamstresses.

With a focus on tackling environmental issues we found Laniux and Kunert who collaborated to create the KUNERT BLUE collection, a range of 6 coats designed by Claudia Lanius, whose vision is to combine ecological and flawless materials with fair working conditions.


They come in fashionable colours matching the premium tights from Kunert made of ECONYL® fiber, where the yarn is made from nylon that is regenerated from textile waste and old fishing nets found in the ocean, contributing to protect the environment and eliminate sea waste.

If you want to know more about sea waste and fashion Industry please click here

We also came across brands focused on protecting animals rights and livelihood, such as NAE, a footwear brand with a vegan philosophy whose motto is “Compassion never goes out of style”, and Maravillas with their Ananas collection of bags from woven textiles made with pineapple leaves, a great animal friendly alternative to leather.


Another interesting brand exhibiting there that caught our attention was AMOV which combines organic materials, a new recycling system and ambitious ‘giving back’ principles in a unique concept, prompting consumers to “Wear your personal values”. This is surely a refreshing reminder of what fashion could be; an expression of our individual self while respecting the whole.

The list of brands we encountered at Greenshowroom is endless and if you would like to see them all you can check out the link here.

Finally, we are excited to announce that we are creating a detailed shopping directory with the hottest of UK and Worldwide sustainable brands that you will soon be able to access through the website.

We hope that you feel inspired to check out all of these brands and to continue supporting a fairer and more inclusive fashion industry.

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