Here at Fashion Changing The World we aim to inspire change within the Fashion industry. Our vision is for a more transparent Industry that not only cares about the environment but also cares for its own consumers wellbeing, and by that I mean to take responsibility on thought patterns and believes that is promoting, and start empowering people to feel good about themselves, instead of  manipulating its consumers, specially women through suggestive imagery that makes them feel like they are not good enough, leading them to a constant strive for an unrealistic and unachievable ideal of beauty.

We are proud rebels and outcasts of an industry that promotes an ideal of beauty which denies 92% of the women world population body shapes and features. 

Luz Castro

This Girl Can Sport England groundbreaking campaign to get women and girls moving, regardless of shape, size and ability. Awarded a Gold Lion


Tackling Body image issues this Month we have Katarina Lajtman from GOGREEN providing us with few tips on how to create a positive body Image:

Part of having a healthy self-esteem is having a healthy body image. Sometimes, eating disorders are the result of a poor body image. Your body image has nothing to do with your physical appearance or weight. It is simple about how you perceive your looks. Even when people have what many consider an ideal body type, they may still have a poor body image. There is a lot of pressure from the Media, beauty and Fashion to attain the trending body type–oftentimes, it is something very thin. Not everyone has the body type to support being very skinny. On the other hand, it is possible to have a positive body image regardless of your size. This is all about acceptance.

  1. Write down all the things your body lets you do. Your body takes you to places, it sees things and hears things. You can taste with your body and feel. It is critical to write these things down and read them often. You should also add to your list when you think of something new. Many of us carry negative messages from childhood. Focusing on the ways your body works for you can help change this. Your body is more than just what you see in the mirror. It enables your life.
  2. Cut down on watching advertising. Advertising is about selling a product. The objective is to make you feel as if you need that product or service. As a result, advertising often makes you feel inadequate. It’s as if you can’t live without the item they’re selling–this can be anything from clothing to a new fitness program. When you see fitness programs on TV, the instructor usually has what looks like a perfect body. Then, you look at your body and start comparing. This is completely unhealthy. The fitness instructors do that for a living. If you worked out four or five hours a day, you’d probably look like them too. But, that’s not what it is about. This is about body dissatisfaction.

    Candice Huffine for V-Magazine. Before and After photoshop

  3. Stop obsessing over celebrities. Like advertising, celebrities are selling a product–it can be their TV shows, their Hollywood movies or something else. It really is an exercise in futility to compare yourself to a celebrity. They have more money than the average person and can afford things such as tailored clothing, plastic surgery, personal chefs, expensive organic food, a personal trainer and a team of makeup artists and hair stylists. They’re also taught how to pose in front of the cameras. Not to mention, they get to use body doubles in their movies if they like and all the Photoshop that is used on their photoshoots. Their job is to create a fantasy. Our job is to live in reality.
  4. Participate in exercise for pure enjoyment. Don’t do something just for the sake of getting a six-pack or fitting into a bodycon dress. Spending hours at the gym is not too much fun for most of us. On the other hand, some of us enjoy tennis, basketball, hiking, walking and more. Get some fresh air, and do something you enjoy. Do it regularly not to achieve the perfect body but because it makes you happy. Take the pressure off, and you’ll feel much better about your body.
  5. Don’t let your weight or size limit your fun. Don’t hide out at home just because you feel insecure about your body. If you stay at home, inside your bubble, you’ll just start to feel worse. Instead, get out and participate in activities you enjoy. You’ll find that people don’t notice any of your perceived flaws as much as you do. No one is going to point fingers or make fun of you unless they are unstable. Getting out into the world helps you to think of more than just your perceived flaws.

    Joby Bach

  6. Wear clothes that you like and express your unique style. With today’s technologies, there is clothing that looks good on all body types. If you feel you are large, you don’t have to hide in oversized outfits. Wear colors and styles that make you happy. Don’t be afraid to show off where you are right now.
  7. Stop Woryying . Think of how much worrying takes away from time that could be used doing something else. While you’re lying under the covers worrying, other people are living their lives. You should too. Worrying doesn’t accomplish anything. It simply wastes time. What could you do instead of worrying?
  8. Focus on what you do have. Do your legs work? Can you see? Do your fingers work? Can you hear? Focus on the positives of your body. Stop thinking about not having the perfect abs or the perfect rear. If your body is functioning, you have a lot to be thankful for.
  9. Stay away from people who have a negative body image. If you surround yourself with people who are always nitpicking their flaws, you will end up doing the same thing. It is critical to hang out with people who have a positive body image. It will rub off on you. The world is full of people who are positive and would like to be your friend. Find groups that promote having a positive body image either in person or online. Be around people who see the best in you. Shut your mind to any negative influences.

    fashion campaign from South African clothing brand Jet wants every woman to appreciate their beauty.

Life is not about having six-pack abs. Life is about being thankful, doing things you enjoy, spending time with people who make you happy and cherishing every moment. And after all there is nothing sexier than a person who emanates self-confidence and is comfortable in their own skin.

We would love to hear your ideas or stories, what are you doing right now in your life that makes you feel good with yourself? leave you comment below.


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